General information

It is a service offered by the Library of the University of Valladolid, which allows the loan of a wide range of documents ranging from books to laptops, digital cameras, lockers, USB memory sticks, headphones, tripods, etc. Depending on the type of user and the type of material loaned, the loan regulations will be different. Interlibrary loans will be carried out between libraries, whether Spanish or foreign, at the request of the user who requires a document that is not in our collection.

Library card

The University card enables you to make use of our services. This card is provided when the student, PDI or PTGAS becomes part of the University community.

Currently there are two types of cards that can accredit us as members of the UVa community:

  • The UVa Virtual Smart Card (vTUI) allows you to identify yourself as a member of the University of Valladolid and access certain facilities and services, including the University Library. It is embedded in the UVaApp mobile app and does not require application. The update is automatic.

The UVa Smart Card (TUI) is the plastic version of the vTUI. It is in the process of being phased out. Currently, its issuance is limited to exceptional cases in which some service cannot be technically solved with the vTUI on the phone or other alternative means. It requires a reasoned request and specific approval as detailed below.

Do I have to apply for the card?

All UVa users who have paid the Identity Card fee (Carnet Universitario) receive the vTUI through the UVaApp application.

The Identity Card (Carnet Universitario) fee is paid only once when the student enrolls for the first time at the University of Valladolid. This fee is intended to contribute to the technological costs of UVa's digital identity systems.

IMPORTANT!: The only step you have to do personally is to upload and validate an ID photo (ID type).


For other groups that are not currently linked to the UVa, but are entitled to access some of our services, the card can be requested at the Queen Sofia Library or at the various libraries that make up the Service. The types of users who can obtain this type of card can be seen in point "2.2 Types of users" of the University Library's Lending Regulations:

To do so, proceed as follows:

  • If you are still in possession of the UVa card, it will be sufficient to bring it, along with your ID card, academic degree or proof of the condition for which you are requesting the card, and a duly completed form, which will be given to you at the library or which can be downloaded from here.
  • If you do not have a UVa card, you will have to submit a photo and show both your ID card and the academic degree or proof of the condition for which you are requesting the card, along with a duly completed form.

If you wish to bring all the documentation prepared, you can download the download the FORM here.

Also, for reasons of proximity, etc., you may deliver the documentation to any other UVa Library and request that the card be sent to you there.

What types of loans does BUVa offer?

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