Work and study spaces

Current occupation UVa Libraries

Work rooms

Some of our libraries have rooms for group work. In order to access them, please consult their schedules and lending conditions. On the other hand, at certain times of the year, the study and consultation rooms offer special schedules that are announced in due course.

Room loan regulations

Room Reservation

Some libraries have enabled the possibility of making room reservations.

To request their use:

  • If you have a UVa Card: proceed to make the reservation on-line on the day and time that suits you (UVa key identification).
  • If you do not have a UVa card, but you do have a library card: to request the use of the library card, you must go to the library's lending desk.

As for the conditions of use and opening hours, you should also consult the information available at the counter or on the specific website of each library.